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Galvanized iron wire, as our primary products, falls into two major kinds according to the finishes. One is electro galvanized wire while the other is hot dipped zinc coated galvanized wire.

  Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Wire
General Introduction: Hot-dipped zinc plated wire is also known as hot
  Electro Galvanized Iron Wire
General Introduction: Electro galvanized wire is our featured product.
Everbright Industrial Wire Manufactory mainly deals with production and export of galvanized steel wire and other metal wire producing.

Major services include wire drawing, wire galvanizing, zinc coating of wire, plastic coating of wire, winding, coiling and packing of wires.

Technical Information:

Differences of Plastic/PVC coating and PVC dipping:
Plastic coating is a technical processing referring to the surface processing of the metal wire. The solid plastic powder is melt into liquid under high temperature, then the metal wire material is put into plastic flow for certain time. Plastic Dipping is a process referring to the surface treatment on the finished steel wire mesh. Learn more.

Technical Details of Hot Dip Galvanized Wire
Hot dipped galvanized wires are made of mild steel wire with zinc coating treatment under thermal condition. Everbright hot dipped gal. wire can be three types: bundle wire, spool wire and coil wire according to the packing or supplying forms. We introduce technical details and minimum zinc coating quantity for thermal galvanized wire (melt zinc wire) for customers reference and choice according to their applications. Learn more.

Specific requirements of Galvanized steel wire used for armouring of power cables. The wire materials shall meet technical data in details including the wire diameter, tensile strength, elongation rating, zinc coating and resistivity requests. The gal. steel wire for power cables armoring shall also pass dip test, torsion test, wrapping test and adherence test. Two series of sizes of gal. wire for armouring power cables: 1.25±0.07/1.6±0.09 / 2.0±0.10 /2.5±0.13 /3.15±0.16 and 1.21 ± 0.02 /1.54 ± 0.02/ 1.93±0.02,2.42 ± 0.03 /3.06 ± 0.04. Learn more.

Comparison Table of Wire Diameter, Elongation, Tensile Strength and Zinc Coating. Learn more.

Galvanized Steel Wire for Armouring of Power Cables

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire
Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Wire
Spring Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Iron Wire
Fencing Wire
Mild Steel Wire
Low Carbon Steel Wire
Redrawing Wire
Annealed Wire

Latest Wire Products and Specifications:

We provide a variety of the latest galvanized wire products. We export to Singapore, Dubai, USA, Brazil, the Netherlands and other ports, on CIF, FOB or other terms. Detail specifications as follows: Galvanized iron wire: Zinc-coate:40-60g/m2(THICKNESS), coil of weight:50kg-100kg, tensile strength :300-500 N/mm2, wire diameter:2.3mm. Packed with sack packing with nylon inside. Finishing: Hot Dipped galvanization. For chain link fence system.

Galfan Coating (5% Aluminium - 95 % Zinc) coil wire with smooth surface, in Coils of 900-1000 kgs.

Galvanized wire: 18, 24, 30, 36 inch width, in 100 ft rolls.
Galvanized steel wire ties: to be used in cotton linter baling.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire ( for Gabions Mesh Wire): Diameter 2.6- Mm And 2.4- Mm, with Standard Bundle Weight 50 Kg.
Galvanized wire diameter 0,13, zinc content : 50g/sqm, packing on spools.

Hot Dipped Galvanized iron wire of gauge #16 (1.6mm), and Electro Galvanized  Low Carbon Steel Wire of gauge #16 (1.6mm).

Staples wire (1'2-1'3 mm) in drums or reels of 500-1000 kgs.

Galvanized braided wire, diameter 1.6mm in 5kg role,10 kg role and 20kg role.

Everbright Industrial Wire Manufactory is a China supplier of galvanized iron wire, electro galvanized steel wire, hot-dipped zinc coated wire, carbon steel wire, spring wire, binding wire, fencing wire, construction wire, redrawing wire, welding wire, barbed wire and other wires of various sizes and treatments.

New Products from Everbright:

We have added products to our lines including galvanized steel wire ropes, galvanized wire for armouring cable, Galfan wire, galvanized stitching wire and galvanized wire meshes.

Hot Products:

Everbright manufactures quality oval wire from wire gauge 12 to 23, excellent for farm fencing or plant support trellis. Galvanizing can be done in different grades to meet customers specific requirements and costs. Learn more.

Copper Clad Steel Cable WireCopper Clad Steel Wire is made of mild steel wire with surface treatment of copper cladding. It has several benefits compared with pure copper wire in practical uses as cable wire. Learn more about its property, benefits, application and technical details.

Hot Dip Galv. Low Carbon Wire in CoilsHot Galvanized Wire Products for Portugal Market:
Hot dipped galvanized wire with low carbon wire as raw material supplied with following detailed specifications are well received in Portugal and European market in 2014.

Learn more.

Oil-tempered (hardened) wire: Everbright 2015 new wire products! Specially for making of cold coiled automobile springs, withSteel Wire treated with Tempering and Quenching new unique patented technology of springs making in Russia. The steel quality for this special oil-tempered wire is silicon - chrom, FD SiCr. We also supply various oil tempered wire and quenched wire for suspension springs and other mechanical springs.

We offer a wide range of forms for wires, typically coil wire, reel wire, big package wire ( a single wire coiled into a big package with a maximum weight of 500kg), cut wire and U type wire.

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