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Galvanized iron wire, as our primary products, falls into two major kinds according to the finishes. One is electro galvanized wire while the other is hot dipped zinc coated galvanized wire.

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Galvanized Spring Wire & SS Spring Wire Exported to Russia, Singapore, Isreal, India, Poland, Canada

General Introduction: Spring steel wires can be oil hardened and tampered spring steel wire, bright spring steel wire and carbon spring steel wires.
Wire Materials: Steel 65MN, 60Si2MnA, 55CrSi, 50CrV, T2B.
Wire Diameter: 0.20 - 17.00 mm.
Application: For car suspending spring, motorcycle vibration reducing spring, engine door spring and high strength, high flexibility and high weary life spring.
Production Standard: Our spring steel wires meet the following standards: ASTM A401,ASTM A401M,EN 10270-2, or according to the user's technical qualification.
Packing: In coils of certain weight according to customers' requirements.

Everbright is the leading spring wire manufacturer in China, one of best galv steel wire supplier for making ACSR and wire springs in China. Our main customers are in mattress and automobile industries. We have 54 sets CNC spring manufacturing machines, 6 sets of wire forming machines.

Common sizes we supply for export are 0.20mm to 8mm wire size.
Fine wires sizes are from 0.20mm to 0.70mm.

Everbright manufactures spring steel wires materials meeting following standards:
1)Carbon Spring Steel Wire according to EN-10270-1.
2) Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire according to EN-10270-2 .
3) Stainless Steel Spring Wire according to EN-10270-3.

Galvanized Steel Spring Wire

Galv Steel Wire for Making Spring

Name & description of goods Packing Net weight (Kgs/Coil)
1/Spring wire steel 
Dia 1.0mm ( C : 0.67÷0.73) 50
Dia 1.8 mm ( C : 0.67÷0.73) 100
Dia 2.0 mm ( C : 0.67÷0.73) 100
Dia 3.5 mm ( C : 0.67÷0.73) 100
Dia 7.0 mm ( C : 0.67÷0.73) 100

Chemical Composition

Carbon % Silicon % Mn Max % S Max % P Max % Cu Max %
0.60 - 1.00 0.10 - 0.30 0.50 - 1.20 0.035 0.035 0.20

SS Spring Wire

Stainless Steel Spring Wire in Grade # 302 in EN-10270-3 Standard

Wire Diameters: 0.042 inch x 0.064 inch round edge SST 18-2 or SST 302, 0.3mm( 0.012”), 0.13mm(0.005”), 1.0 mm(0.03937”), 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm and 6 mm or 0.244”, 7mm, 8mm.

SUS302 grade SS Music Spring Wire at 0.012 inch
Stainless steel round spring wire SST302 for producing springs, diameter: Ø 0.3mm( 0.012”), hardness :1/2H.

Material: Wire / Rod SUS302
Materials choice: 304L, 316, 304H, 304, 302, 301 bright stainless steel spring steel wire

Chrome Silicon Steel Wire for Spring Manufacture Applied for Automotive Industry

Oil-tempered Chrome Silicon wire
Standard: ASTM A1000 Grade A, SAE J157 and DIN EN 10270-2-FDSiCr ( ASTM A 401)
Diameter: 2.80mm, 5.50mm, 6.20mm,7.50mm

Chemical Composition :

C       =       0.50 to 0.60%   Si       =       1.20 to 1.60%
Mn     =       0.50 to 0.90%  S & P          =       0.025% Max.
Cr      =       0.50 to 0.80%  Cu     =       0.12% Max.

Application: To make precision springs for Automotive Industry, also high tensile wire and valve wire.

2.80mm auto spring wire
Automotive Spring Wire Quenched and Tempered. We supply steel wire for producing industrial and automotive springs in range from 0.1-17mm.

Phosphorated Carbon Steel Spring Wire

Carbon Steel Spring Wires diameter
Applicable Standards:PN- EN 10270-1, DIN17223, PN-71/M-80057
Surface - phosphorated
Material : Carbon steel according to standards: EN 10016-2;ASTM-A 510-00

5mm galvanised carbon steel spring wire
5 mm High Tensile Spring Steel Wire of Standard DIN 17233 EN 10270-1-SM

Cold drawn carbon spring steel wire 8.00mm DIN 17233 EN 10270-1-SM
Cold drawn carbon spring steel wire 8.50mm DIN 17233 EN 10270-1-SM
Cold drawn carbon spring steel wire 6.00mm DIN 17233 EN 10270-1-SM
Cold drawn carbon spring steel wire 5.5mm DIN 17233 EN 10270-1-SM
Cold drawn carbon spring steel wire 5.0mm DIN 17233 EN 10270-1-SM

High Carbon Spring Steel Wire, Mattress Wire of European Standard

High carbon steel wire rod

Grade 62, wire diamter 5.5 mm
Grade 72, wire diameter 5.5 mm,6.5 mm
Grade 82, wire diameter 8mm, 9mm, 10 mm, 11 mm

Standard: As per JIS G 3506 for high carbon steel rod

0.3mm zinc coated mattress spring wire
72a high carbon zinc coated spring steel wire for mattress

High carbon spring steel wire from 0.3 to 4 mm wire diameter conform to the european standard EN 10270-1 for both class: SM ( B ) and SH (C).
Oil tempered spring steel wire from 7 to 12 mm diameter conform to the european standard EN 10270-2.




Our customers may also import the following steel wire from us:    

Galvanised wire coils for making ACSR

Name & description of goods Packing Net weight (Kgs/Coil)
 Galv steel wire for making ACSR (C > 0.60%)
Dia 1.85 mm 200
Dia 3.2 mm 200
Dia 4.5 mm 200
Chain Link Security Fence
Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Galvanized Steel Stranded Core Wire
Galvanized Wire (GI Wire)
Oil Tempered Steel Wire
Electro Galvanized Iron Wire
Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Wire
Spring Steel Wire
Technical Details of Hot Dip Galvanized Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
Copper Clad Steel Wire
Galvanized Iron Wire
Hot Galvanized Wire Products for Portugal Market
Oval Wire
Fencing Wire
Mild Steel Wire
Low Carbon Steel Wire
Redrawing Wire
Annealed Wire
Black Iron Wire
Binding Wire
Wire Ties
Loop Tie Wire
Rebar Tie Wire
Cut Wire
Stitching Wire
Armoured Cable Wire
Welding Wire

PVC Coated Wire

PVC Coated Steel Wire Technical Parameter

Coil Wire

Spool Wire

Barbed Wire

Baling Wire
Staple Wire
Hose Wire
Brush Wire (Wire for Brushes)
Copper Coated Wire
High Tensile Wire
Razor Wire
Galvanized Wire for Armouring Cable
Galfan Wire
Galvanized Wire Mesh
Galvanized Flat Stitching Wire
Lashing Wire

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